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Запчасти для грузовых иномарок

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We invite for cooperation manufacturers of spare parts and representatives of the foreign companies which are carrying out the activity on the territory of the Russian Federation. Work with us will allow to you present the spare parts in North-West region and guarantees long-term relations on mutually rewarding terms. Understanding importance of each detail on a distant trip, we choose suppliers of spare parts by following criteria:

1. The company which calls itself the manufacturer of spare parts, should produce these spare parts itself on high-precision equipment and monitor technological process from the design stage to the finished goods rather than those who pack spare parts made by other manufactures (Chinese, Hindus etc.) frequently having poor quality, but branding «Made in Germany».

2. The quality of made production should be confirmed certificates, recommendations of their constant clients from the Western Europe, producible products should be approved by the leading manufacturers of lorries and trailers, such as MB TRUCKS,VOLVO, MAN, IVECO,SCANIA, ROR, SAF, B Р W, etc.

3. The manufacturer should give unconditional guarantees on all production delivered to Russia.

For more information or any queries you have, please feel free to contact us.


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